Dear Teenage Daughter

Set the precedent and respect yourself first; then others will respect you, too.

When They Aren’t Babies Anymore

I said it. The thought that dances through my head and taunts me every day. In sheer frustration, I growled out the sentence: "things were so much easier when you were little". Instantly, I saw that my sensitive 9-year-old had drawn up his face and began silently sobbing. I crushed him with my words because... Continue Reading →

Weary Mom

I am weary-weary. Frustrated that all motivation is gone. Grasping at the next steps, and how to look like I know what I'm doing for the sake of my kids - because I definitely don't.

Weary Mom Diaper Rash “Dream Cream”

I am sharing this magic mixture with you because I am sure there are other families dealing with the same, or similar, issues. Over the years, I have had multiple moms ask me for the recipe.

Seeing My Anorexia Through Her Eyes

My next weigh-in at the doctor's office found me at 89 pounds. I sat in the exam room nervously waiting for my doctor. I heard the sirens of an ambulance approaching and panicked.

The Space Between Marriage and Family

Between these two pictures is a small white space. This space represents 18 years. Much went into that small space over the course of almost two decades. There has been good and bad, and so many experiences along the way. 

Watch “Game night” on YouTube

Watch “Mom’s Snow Wipeout” on YouTube

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