Seeing My Anorexia Through My Daughter’s Eyes

I happened to overhear my daughter's online meet for Health class. The topic caused me to freeze in place. I felt a dry knot in my throat. I struggled with the idea that she was already at the age to be dealing with these issues; but even more so that it was a subject of... Continue Reading →

The Space Between Marriage and Family

Ripley's Aquarium, Myrtle Beach, S.C. - 2002 vs. 2019 These pictures were taken in the exact same location, Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but 18 years apart. The first is from our honeymoon; the second on a surprise trip we had given to the kids as a Christmas present. Our eleven year old... Continue Reading →

I WANT to Hear You My Child

Yes, I want to hear your song, and notice the dog's funny face, and handle the dinner that is browning too quickly, and give my husband the attention he deserves when he walks in from work. I want to do it all, and make everyone happy, and feel loved by me. The problem is that... Continue Reading →

Alphabet Ghost?

We thought it was just a video of our kid saying his alphabet, but then we saw something else.

Gardening as a Family

So, gardening, or a green thumb, seems to be in my family genes. For years my grandfather would have acres and acres of corn, tomatoes, watermelon and whatever else popped up from his fertile soil deep in the hollows of Virginia. His water source was a small creek that trickled by his farm land. For... Continue Reading →

Weary Mom

I am weary-weary. Frustrated that all motivation is gone. Grasping at the next steps, and how to look like I know what I'm doing for the sake of my kids - because I definitely don't.

Garden Fresh Summer Salad Recipe

Nothing says summer like fresh vegetables and fruits. Our family enjoys growing a garden each year, which greatly increases our salad consumption during the season. It also gives me an opportunity to teach my kids about growing food, something very important given our current supply chain situation. Gardening seemed like an intimidating task to me,... Continue Reading →

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