Holiday Shopping Ideas Outside The (Cargo) Box

Christmas shopping is difficult enough without extra challenges to boot. News stories about supply chain issues affecting holiday shopping are rampant. Complications include reduced workforces, lack of resources, and roaming cargo boats loaded with colorful, merchandise-laden rectangular boxes. According to an article published by The Wall Street Journal, in October stores started telling us that... Continue Reading →

How Moms Can Salvage Bad Days

Remember, we all have bad days. Whether we share or bad day experiences or not, we all have them.

Weary Mom Diaper Rash “Dream Cream”

I am sharing this magic mixture with you because I am sure there are other families dealing with the same, or similar, issues. Over the years, I have had multiple moms ask me for the recipe.

The Space Between Marriage and Family

Between these two pictures is a small white space. This space represents 18 years. Much went into that small space over the course of almost two decades. There has been good and bad, and so many experiences along the way. 

I WANT to Hear You

Yes, I want to hear your song, and notice the dog's funny face, and handle the dinner that is browning too quickly, and give my husband the attention he deserves when he walks in from work. I want to do it all, and make everyone happy, and feel loved by me.

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