Gardening as a Family – 6 Tips for A Good Start

Gardening seems to be in my family's genes. For years my grandfather would have acres upon acres of corn, tomatoes, watermelon, and whatever else popped up from his fertile soil deep in the hollows of Virginia. His water source was a small creek that trickled by his farmland. For crops farther away he used his... Continue Reading →

Garden Fresh Summer Salad Recipe

Nothing says summer like fresh vegetables and fruits. Our family enjoys growing a garden each year, which greatly increases our salad consumption during the season. It also gives me an opportunity to teach my kids about growing food, something very important given our current supply chain situation. Gardening seemed like an intimidating task to me,... Continue Reading →

6 Ideas for Making Gardening Easy and Inexpensive

6 Ideas to make gardening less expensive and easier.

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