10 Household Items We Forget To Clean

We all know the dirty list: toilet seats, counters, bacteria-filled sponges, microwaves, and refrigerator door handles. But what about those forgotten or unnoticed items? The ones sitting in your house quietly collecting germs? A study conducted by NSF International states that "the areas in which food is prepared actually contained more bacteria and fecal contamination... Continue Reading →

Thick and Hearty Potato Soup

It's that time of year again. Pull out the cozy sweaters, soft blankets, and bring on the soup recipes! Nothing says comfort food like a bowl of hot soup on a cold day. This thick and hearty soup is a perfect fit. This recipe is a simple soup that is delicious and filling. Double the... Continue Reading →

7 Ways Kids Can Help Save Trees (And Why You Should Still Plant One)

Here are seven ways that you can teach your kids about the importance of trees and inspire them to take action.

Dear Teenage Daughter

Set the precedent and respect yourself first; then others will respect you, too.

Calm Down Choice Board – Free Download

Eight different techniques provide help through the difficult situation - giving your child the power to choose and proceed with one of the options. A simple way to provide structure and allow the child to take ownership of their actions.

Am I Lazy – Or Is This Something More? What Women Need to Know About Thyroid Disease

I roll over in bed towards the warm sunlight spilling through the windows after a sound seven hours of sleep -- exhausted. Reluctantly, I peel myself off the soft and cozy sheets and begin the day; including spending a good ten minutes plucking a few white hairs from my eyebrows (the only place I have... Continue Reading →

What Happens When Life Happens?

Writing was going to be my outlet. I needed to pour my heart onto symbolic paper; to get my mind clear, and let some anxieties go. It was working for a while. Letting the things deep in my dark place to be released allowed me feelings of freedom and refreshment. Perhaps even providing a chance... Continue Reading →

When They Aren’t Babies Anymore

I said it. The thought that dances through my head and taunts me every day. In sheer frustration, I growled out the sentence: "things were so much easier when you were little". Instantly, I saw that my sensitive 9-year-old had drawn up his face and began silently sobbing. I crushed him with my words because... Continue Reading →

Cooking Is Like Balancing Life

Sometimes it needs to be chilled. Ingredients work together and mold into something. Life's experiences have a way of doing that, too. Try adding more spice. Figure out which foods are not good for you and steer clear. Venting is critical, as well as letting off steam. Just like close friends, your go-to meals will... Continue Reading →

Mama’s Law

- As soon as you sit down on the toilet, a child will need you. - As soon as you lie down to rest, the doorbell rings. - As your tax refund goes into your account, your appliance goes out. - The size you need will be the one out of stock. -The kids will... Continue Reading →

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