I am so grateful that you are visiting my site. I am mom to three wonderful kids; a job I never knew I wanted, but wouldn’t change it for the world. We live in a small log cabin in a rural area, but close enough to a grocery store that it’s manageable (with 3 kids I go a lot).

I am currently at home with the kids full-time, and teaching them through virtual school. My husband runs his own business, and I help as bookkeeper, marketer and any paperwork catch-all. Just with that introduction you can see why this site is called “Diary of a Weary Mom”.

This site originally started as a way for me to document, ramble and vent for myself – privately. I never intended on sharing this with the world; however, with COVID-19 hitting, I lost my job and decided that others might want to nod in agreement to some of my ramblings, given the extra stress this last year has caused, so I decided to make it public. I hope you find something helpful, encouraging, and maybe even funny on my site, and that it will make your day a little bit brighter.

I appreciate your support. Please leave feedback, or just tell me about your wonderful family. ♡

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