Calm Down Choice Board – Free Download

Seeing your child struggle with emotion is difficult and frustrating. In the heat of the moment it can be challenging to think about the best way to handle the situation. This Calm Down Choice Board can help your child become more confident and independent in handling emotions. Allowing your child the ability to decide their preferred method to gain control of themselves.

Eight different techniques provide help through the difficult situation – giving your child the power to choose and proceed with one of the options. A simple way to provide structure and allow the child to take ownership of their actions. Print the pages on card stock, or better yet, laminate. Create your own board, use file folders, or just post on the wall with the choice cut-outs in a sandwich bag – whatever works for you.

Visual and written direction address different communication needs. A great bonus would be providing a designated Calm Down Area with all the resources needed from the choice board. This allows the child to identify their feelings and immediately complete the strategy they choose.

Click below to subscribe and download this FREE resource and start using it today.

*Please only one download per household. Refer your friends to our website for their own copy of this great choice board.

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