I WANT to Hear You

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Yes, I want to hear your song, and notice the dog’s funny face, and handle the dinner that is browning too quickly, and give my husband the attention he deserves when he walks in from work. I want to do it all, and make everyone happy, and feel loved by me.

The problem is that they all seem to happen at once. I know that the opportunities with my kids are slipping through my hands like water in a strainer. I want to be there and hear them, yet there is a variety of distractions; often times making me distant from the other chaos around me, the whirlwind I want to be a part of.

Each night I go to bed vowing that I will handle whatever gets thrown at me better tomorrow. That I will listen with my entire self. That I will sit and talk; not just standing with dish towel in hand ready to get back to what I was doing. Balance and moderation is something that I believe in wholeheartedly. These are skills worth utilizing each day, yet I feel like I fail so very often. The goals I strive for include being a better mother, wife, and daughter. A better friend, better community member, and sometimes even better to myself.

On days when I have a few more minutes to myself first thing in the morning, I admit that it does help. I will work on saying “no” to unnecessary things. Focus on reconsidering the importance and value that I place on things that really aren’t as vital as I make them appear to be. Listen more to myself, and less to strangers – especially those who aren’t in my best interests.

With that, I hope it allows me to hear a little more; to really hear a little more.

Having a Bad Day? 10 Ways to Turn it Around https://motherhoodtherealdeal.com/parenthood/having-a-bad-mum-day-10-ways-you-can-turn-it-around/

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