Alphabet Ghost?

Since it’s that spooky time of year, I am sharing my experience with the paranormal – although it’s not just on Halloween at our house.

We live in a log cabin that was built in 1851. It has witnessed much in its 170 years. An old shed in the yard once housed patients suffering from Tuberculosis. The doctor who lived in the house during that time used the shack as quarantine. We found his medicine cabinet (an old wooden ammunition box) dated “May-4-1916 Keep me fastened please” hanging on the wall.

The 19th-century graves in the backyard were likely the final resting spot for most of those patients.

Needless to say, our home has lots of history – and activity. Over the years I have caught a glimpse of a white, wispy female outline, smelled bacon cooking while showering at home alone, and heard footsteps upstairs when no one was around.

The most startling and convincing occurrence was a video of our 2-year old son singing his alphabet. We were capturing the moment because of the fact that he was so dang cute and proving his intellect. We noticed nothing out of the ordinary at the time.

My husband played back the video a few days later, quickly calling me over to verify what he was seeing and hearing.

This is certainly the spookiest thing we had encountered yet. I have watched the video countless times wondering just what (or who) decided to join in on our evening. Watch for yourself (listen and look closely at “Z”) and let me know what you think.

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